The Jean Monnet Pupil Award for EU Essay

The Jean Monnet Pupil Award for EU Essay 2022 – Israel

We are thrilled to announce that Maya Shamir Klain is the recipient of this year's EU@School Pupil Award for her exceptional work on the European Council.

In her paper, Maya provides a comprehensive and in-depth examination of the history, institutionalization, roles, and responsibilities of the European Council, in addition to its composition and duty bearers. This is the first time that such information has been presented in the Hebrew language, making it accessible and understandable to the Israeli public. The paper was chosen for its excellence in presenting this relevant information in a clear and accurate manner. The award is associated with a prize money of 200 euros.

The full paper can be found here.

The Jean Monnet Pupil Award for EU Essay 2022 – Germany

From March 20 to May 31, 2022, students from Hesse could again apply for the annual pupil award of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence EU@School. The topic of competition was the role of the EU in the Ukraine war. This year, there were two possible categories. Students could submit essays individually or as a class.

The award for best individual essay in 2022 went to Ella Ziegert, a student in the 9th grade at the Lichtenberg School in Darmstadt. In her essay she dealt with the responsibility of the EU but also of its citizens in view of the war in Ukraine.

Essay Ella Ziegert (German)

The jury awarded the collective prize to class 12BD01 of the vocational schools of the Lahn-Dill district. In 12 essays, the students discussed different facets of the Ukraine war and the EU's historical claim to be a peace project. The essays can be downloaded below as a zip archive.

Essays class 12BD01 (German)

The Jean Monnet Pupil Award for EU Essay 2021 – Germany

This year's Jean Monnet Pupil Award for for EU Essay goes to the Erich Kästner School in Darmstadt, Hesse. A 10th grade student convinced the jury with a precise analysis of the EU refugee policy and a plea for more solidarity between the member states in this matter.

EU@School invites students from the 9th grade upwards to intensively deal with the European Union and current European topics in the form of essays. The best essay is awarded with 200 €. Unfortunately, an official award ceremony had to be cancelled in 2021 due to COVID-19.

The winning essay of 2021 is published below (German version only).

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