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Welcome to the 1st Newsletter of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence “EU Expertise at School” (EU@school)


The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence “EU Expertise at School” (EU@school) is led by Prof. Dr. Michèle Knodt from the Technical University of Darmstadt (Germany) and Prof. Dr. Sharon Pardo from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Israel). Further key team members are Dr. Sigita Urdze (Germany) and Dr. Hila Zahavi (Israel). It is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Our goals are to

  • reach out to schools in secondary and vocational education – provide you with ready-to-go information about the European Union.
  • develop teaching materials for classroom and online teaching,

enhance EU studies by feeding in research results into the academic discourse.

About Documents2

Interactive Assistant Tool “Ask the Expert”

The development of the EU proceeds in high speed and EU issues are complex in nature. Many times school teachers struggle to answer specific question regarding EU topics in school lessons.

The IAT offers academic help in this situation. School seminars in political education can address specific questions on complex EU topics, which they cannot answer themselves or where the answers they found in internet research is not satisfying, to the academics of the “EU Expertise at School”. Those answer the question asap in form of a (video) podcast which is placed at the website and can be than used within the school seminar to completely understand the topic in question.

Jean Monnet Pupil Award for EU Essay

The award is created to promote excellence in pupils essay writing in this field. The award rewards excellent essays on the EU in a special theme which are published each year in both countries in a special city (to be chosen).

The award is targeted at pupils from grade 9 onwards.

A jury, comprised of the two Jean Monnet Chair holders, one senior researcher, and one doctoral student, evaluates the essays. Each year the best essay in each partners country is awarded with 200€. The award ceremony takes place at the respective school of the winner with the invitation of the local press and a little laudation of the respective Jean Monnet professor.

Training for teachers

EU@School aims to provide innovative ideas for teachers how to teach topics on the EU at schools.

On 22 September 2021 we will hold a seminar for teachers in German at the Hessische Lehrkräfteakademie on the topic of “European Green Deal: Ideen für (digitale) Unterrichtsinhalte zur Klimapolitik der Europäischen Union" (“European Green Deal: Ideas for (digital) teaching contents on EU Climate Policy”).

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